small KKC logo–West Cobb training, boarding and doggy daycare facility opens Sept. 18.

MARIETTA, GA. (9/11/17) – Pooches and pups in West Cobb are getting a doggy “sports complex” designed to bring out their strengths—and keep their tails wagging.

Kritter Keepers Club, which opens Sept. 18 at 2380 Powder Springs Rd., puts a canine-centric twist on training, boarding and doggy daycare, says owner and head trainer Kasey Collins Litt, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer—Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and graduate of the nationally renowned CATCH Canine Trainers Academy in Little Falls, N.J.

“At Kritter Keepers Club, we want dogs to be dogs and to develop the skills they were bred for,” Litt said. “That’s why we’re so focused on doggie sports like agility, nose work, Flyball, Treiball, lure racing and other activities that dogs absolutely love.”


Located on more than an acre of land, the 6,200-square-foot facility, conveniently located close to downtown Marietta and West Cobb, was designed to make it easy for dogs to get plenty of exercise no matter the season, Litt says. “Everything is modular,” she explained. “It enables us to have outdoor sports when the weather is nice or to shift everything indoors whenever it’s too hot or cold outside.”

Those activities could include the likes of Treibball (a doggy sport developed in Germany and based on positive reinforcement) or working on housetraining, basic obedience or other skills as part of a custom training protocol developed with the pet family. “Individual attention is one of the things that differentiates Kritter Keepers Club from the average boarding or doggy daycare facility,” Litt said. “Our model is built around a one-to-10 human-to-dog ratio; a lot of places operate at double or triple that.”

Having worked with hundreds of dogs over the past decade, Litt is part of the training team for Kennesaw-based Mostly Mutts and is a longtime volunteer, adoption counselor and foster for the well-regarded rescue organization. She is also an avid follower of the science of canine happiness, health and learning. “I’m focused on the science of how dogs learn, because I really want to help you get the most out of life with your best friend by your side,” Litt said.

How do pet parents know whether their four-legged friends should hone their skills at, say, agility or instead play a sport like Flyball (a hurtle/relay game)? The known predilections of certain purebreds are a part of the calculus, Litt explains, but tryouts are no less important. “All the dogs get to try everything, so you can pretty quickly figure out where an individual dog thrives and excels,” Litt said. “And of course, it’s perfectly fine if a shy dog would rather do something simple like play tug-of-war with a counselor.”

In addition to seminars on subjects such as dog psychology or how canines interpret human body language, the team at Kritter Keepers Club also teaches owners how to play doggy sports with their pets. “Playing sports with your pet is a super-fun thing to do for the whole family,” Litt said. “Nothing makes a dog happier. It’s a joy to watch.”

For more information about training, boarding and doggy daycare services at Kritter Keepers Club, call 678-923-7663, visit or email


About Kritter Keepers Club
Kritter Keepers Club is a training center, doggy daycare and boarding facility in Marietta/West Cobb. Its staff focuses on helping “dogs be dogs” and on developing their talents through activities such as agility, nose work, Treibball or lure racing. Services include initial consultations/assessments (often for Private Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Manners training packages); day training; group classes; and half- or whole-day doggy daycare. (All overnight boarders receive one day of doggy daycare per night.) Owner and Head Trainer Kasey Litt, CPDT-KA, CPACP, relies on humane, evidence-based methods of training and behavior modification. She is a graduate of CATCH Canine Academy, in Little Falls, N.J., where she achieved the CATCH Certified Professional Dog Trainer certification. Kasey is also an avid volunteer, trainer, adoption counselor and foster with the Mostly Mutts rescue organization in Kennesaw, Ga. Her home, which she shares with her beloved family of dogs and humans, is known as the “Litt Palace of Puppy Love.”dog

Press Contacts: At Kritter Keepers Club, Kasey Litt: 678-923-7663,


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